Elder Scrolls Online

3 Versus 30 Nightblade ESO PVP

I change my build all day every day, I never ran with these skills or this armor before today, I focus on being versatile rather than getting pigeon holed into expertise so unfortunately I don’t have a build link.

1vX PvP! Former Rank 1 PvPer & 2XEmperor – NightBlade

I love this battle, endless enemies, very few allies, a couple defeats and very poor gear that helped movement speed while mounted. Yet even after the keep was taken I was still inside killing enemies.

Blade Boques saves SCROLL and Jukes 10+ Enemies for a Big Return

That was exciting, grab scroll when fallen comrade dies, and setup a perfect bottleneck teleport to move enemies away from where I was planning to double back.

Blade Boques’s INSANE Scroll Pursuit and Return (2015) ESO PVP

Watch this amazing clip of how someone can turn a burning passion into reality. The longer clip has over an hour over fights like this until we finally made this possible. Thank you to all who made this possible!

Life Learned Videos

Blade Boques Motivation Stories

Life will pay whatever price you ask,
why settle for less than all you can be?

How 3 Seemingly Meaningless Right Decisions Created My Life

I hope you click on this video because it will speak to you where you are, right now. It is important to do things outside of your comfort zone, do the thing that seems most right, regardless of circumstances and the future will likely end up the way you want. Here are some clear cut examples of how me doing what was right created everything I love about my life.

Twitchcon Videos

Stories & Pictures from TwitchCon 2017

Hello! I go through all my pictures and tell the stories of the weekend in TwitchCon 2017

TwitchCon 2015 Live Streamed in person!

I went live through my phone app. You get to see several floors, lots of people and booths as well as panels.

Hilarious Videos

Cabbage Why!? Funniest 'Until Dawn' Ending Possible

I Can’t Believe Cabbage Betrayed Me!

Blade Gives ALL CANDY to one Tricker Treater on Live Stream