My Gaming Compendium

Hello! I started gaming when I was 12 and my Mom took me to Walmart to pick out something to play on the family's new computer. Little did I know that day would change literally every aspect of my life in great ways.

MechWarrior4: Mercenaries

I chose MechWarrior4: Mercenaries. I began by getting invited into a Clan however only 3 weeks after being invited I felt I could do better and created my own. Over the next 6 years I failed many times as a leader and disbanded one clan after the next when the pressure was too much for me, but I always ended up reforming it with new experience and wisdom to pull from. My final group in this game was called Clan Eternal Spirits and we took part in 3 noteworthy online leagues. War! Online, where after an enemy all but tortured us I figured out a way to force them to do nothing but fight my clan for 180 days continuously - The league Admin removed this and I was also removed.

Then was MechWarriorLeagues, two year long story short I legitimately found a way to invest C-Bills so well that I was the richest player in the game at 32 Billion. The 2nd-20th richest player in the game were at 19Million-1Million. When a wealth ranking system exposed I had nearly 3,000 times the next richest the Admin of this league reset the economy and I left.

Netbattletech was where we went next, and nearing the final year of our time we ended up having the highest win % in the league, 77% over 600+ battles all done in 8v8 FPS no respawn fashion. I devised a way to penetrate an otherwise invulnerable target, which took over a year of moving resources to accomplish, and in this planetary league where even the best units could only seize a planet once every three months we took three planets in one week and were not anywhere near stopping. The Admin for this league did not like that I found undefended areas and just gave my enemies unlimited resources and said if we are truly great this won't affect us. I was done with the admin interference and quit this league also and never played MW4 again. What lives on from this is that I met Pyro Telinov and Chorrosion Riaz, two brothers who I met five years later IRL, both joined my sales teams, one lead a sales team, and both became my roommates and best friends. Also MW4 is from where my Bloodname, Boques, was attained.


Pyro from MW4 got me hooked here. I managed to get only one L99 skill: Herblore. I made gold from arbitrage (merchanting) and purchased a Purple Party Hat worth probably over 2.1Billion now, if my account still exists. Have fun hackers!

Star Wars Galaxies

During the in between moments of MW4 I played SWG on the Starsider Server. I stayed out of all guilds to preserve the sacrosanct experience I had with Clan Eternal Spirits, but I did end up becoming an Elder Jedi two years before the cut off to earn that title. I became quite good at that game and decided in star wars fashion to chose someone to teach what I knew. After three years of training him he finally received all I learned, and we also became great friends IRL. To my amazement he would later be the one to introduce me to the millionaires mentioned in my IRL biography that set my life on its current course.

Though I remained out of the guilds I coordinated with them, and across several months I constructed a legal in game macro that announced to 1,100 active PvPers where the Imperials were. During the time of "The Grand Army of the Rebellion" we rarely had any real opposition. Once this army crashed the server and later a "Wanted Poster" of a Trandoshan (lizard race) was created as an in game item. There were four total, one of Luke Skywalker, one of Han Solo, one of Leia Organa, and one of a Trandoshan that mirrored the look of my character. It was never said for sure that this was supposed to be me, though enough people believed it and brought it up that I finally accepted its possibility. If nothing else its very interesting.

[Exceptional] tagged items were of extreme rarity and value and across the total of 8 years playing this game I had the largest display of them on any server, this later became the basis for what I would name my next guild.


Started and ended this game at age 12. I timed the restock times of all the shops and opened multiple browsers with clocks running so I could buy everything for resale before others. After making millions of neopoints this way my account was deleted for "autoclicking programs" which I never knew existed and could not appeal. My Mom however still plays her account to this day.

Star Wars - The Old Republic

This was the first game I played after 3 years of nothing but focusing on business. I was there for the first day of launch, enjoyed it for a month or so, and after being urged by my friends I decided I should become a leader once more. I established Exceptional Legion which is still running to this day. In its time 8 different raid teams were built and moved on, most noteworthy were Sovereign Ops and Midnight Power. I lead them both, the first was a 16man raid team and the second was an 8man team. Through these teams and Exceptional Legion I have built and cherished additional friendships which will never leave me and even met 6 of them IRL. If you can't tell by now I do not see computer screens as barriers between people but rather connections to them.

We got as high as to be World 8th for a certain operation clear time, but I am convinced no guild had a higher spirit of camaraderie and pure joy than we did when we fought. It was truly a special place, though in July of 2014 I decided this too was more than I could continue to lead and have been a solo gamer since without affiliation to any guild.

Diablo III

I got into this when it launched for its real money market and upon finding I could not cancel my own auctions and list only 10 items as once I bought another copy for a total of $120 investment. Within two months I made all of that back and played mainly for enjoyment getting to Act III Nightmare and a L40 Monk on Hard Core.


I've only gotten to Rank 4 once and have very few cards but really enjoy the game.

Elder Scrolls Online

Chorrosion Riaz was the main force behind getting me to leave SWTOR to join this, and I'm glad I did. The idea that one person could become the Emperor appealed to me and I knew I could do it. It was extremely challenging but eventually that's exactly what happened, I even ended up getting crowned twice. I was interviewed for it here. In ESO I have a V14 Nightblade, another V14 Nightblade, V14 Dragonknight and a V2 Templar. No major noteworthy things have happened here in PvE or monetarily as I generally stay in Cyrodiil.

Dota 2

I'm terrible at this game but like playing it with one of my old highschool friends who invites me from time to time.


I contributed enough money to have "Khan Blade Boques" appear in the credits of this game and earned the Legendary Founder title and bonuses. However, being stuck in ESO mainly has kept me from playing this in over a year.

Black Desert Online

So when it comes to BDO and things I've done here it'll come off as bragging but I encourage you to realize I credit any of these achievements to having a larger amount of time than others, and don't wish to put anyone off with the list. So here goes: I pioneered a system whereby energy ticks could be synchronized to channels allowing for 2000+ energy a day while actively playing.

I made the first guides on Investment Banking Black Desert ever had on any region. Then creating the Money Mastery Series on YouTube has helped more people make more money in BDO than I could have ever done just from streaming.

I bought the 1st ever DUO Ogre listed on Edan. Caught and sold the 1st shrimp as well :P The 1st PEN Witch ever sold on NA was linked to me and said made possible from my guides. Four people with over 7Billion silver as of May 2017 credited my help in getting them there.

I anticipated the server merge months in advance and my tips created many billionaires from the opportunity.

I created the series Bum to Billionaire on YT, lasting 6 months and 12 episodes spanning many individuals going over optimization of their income systems.

I created the TRI-Server Tournament, a four day NA based multi-server tourny with over 2,750 viewers at one time. The participants earned the in game title, Gladius, which was never existed in the game until this and now attainable only by large sanctioned player made events.

I was the 1st L60 Warrior on any NA server.

I am the guild leader of ExceptionaLegion and happy to have such great friends.

Real Life Trading

I have never engaged in either side of buying or selling for real money outside the allowable in game mechanics of Diablo III. The Blade Boques name is too valuable for me to squander it, and in game achievements would become meaningless if attached to a bank account. I recommend all follow the same policy.

The Best Way to Contact Me Online

There are just too many chat and message places to keep track of, so I only check my messages on twitter.

You can find me on twitter @bladeboques.

More About Me in RL

A picture of Blade in a suit

Hello! I'm 29 and live in Pennsylvania USA. I still own and used to live in NJ in a house I bought 5 years ago after achieving a certain level of success in my businesses. I dropped out of Penn State College after 3 semesters to work with millionaires whose hobbies were building and selling businesses. I learned the principles of success from several mentors along with reading over 100 books and listening to motivational speakers.

Because of this I turned myself from the youngest, and by far the worst salesman in the company 7 years ago, into a team leader and still hold the records for the top 5 highest sales shows of all time. In the past I've owned an automobile leasing company, and currently have a Triplex and Duplex in PA. I was interviewed for my real estate achievements at age 23 and my name makes up a chapter as a case study in the how-to book Consumer's Guide to Investment Real Estate written by Jim Toner. I ended up stopping the sales team leading at the end of 2013 to enjoy what I currently have, thus... game on!

After about 11 months of that I found that leisure and being entertained was not for me and went back to work, buying out the company I used to sell for. After a year of owning part of the company I used to run on a franchise level I was unable to duplicate my previous success and working 80-100 hours in 3 cities a week is not good to do forever. Now none of those companies operate as they once did and I have tried to simplify my life and enjoy what I truly love which is gaming and streaming.

Those ups and down were not bragging or a sob story and I truly believe that with diligence and dedication you can in fact achieve amazing results in your own life and I want you to believe that too. As of 2015 I have hired 5 people I knew only through online gaming and no other source. Be careful how you treat others on the internet, there is ultimately very little difference between here and any other "real" life. Here is a 10 Minute Business Life Story video I highlighted while streaming!

The above skydive picture links to a video that really showcases my personality and what I believe in, you'll even get my real name out of it but I prefer to go by Blade. I've had that nickname since I was a kid, and spending my highschool years training in Hung Gar Kung Fu I gained an affinity for edged weapons of all kind. Heck even my Dad calls me Blade!

Otherwise I've had a great little pet named Archer for over eight years now, its basically a little squirrel that is extremely affectionate. He is in a bunch of my highlight videos and frequently sits on my shoulder or pocket while I game. Yay Archer!

You Can Succeed at Life!

For those wanting more I would first suggest being thankful for what you already have. Learn to be happy with what you have while in pursuit of what you want, its a practice well worth exercising with skill.

I also suggest you avoid MLMs, not to say there isn't success here but it is not the easy way and in my opinion will harm you more than benefit you.

  • Read often
  • Learn to spend far less than you earn and keep that practice your whole life
  • Work everyday like your life hangs in the balance
  • Learn to love hard work as it affords you all you can enjoy
  • Cultivate the many values that have nothing to do with money
  • Cut negative news, people, and input out of your life
  • Improve the quality of your language, it represents your thinking
  • Think often about what you would like to be like personally, its a fact you will become closer to that image daily
  • Know that "No" does not often mean "No" and persist if your cause is just until you succeed
  • Turn your life around today by getting to work on your mental "I should list"
  • Set goals that will make you stretch and take delight in the greater person you become by striving for them
  • Share what you've learned and become to better the lives of everyone you can

Good Books to Add to Your Library

  • The Greatest Miracle in the World
  • The Greatest Salesman in the World
  • The Richest Man in Babylon
  • See You At The Top
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People
  • Launching a Leadership Revolution
  • The Richest Man Whoever Lived
  • Lincoln Unknown
  • How to Stop Worrying & Start Living
  • The Greatest Success in the World
  • The Power of Positive Thinking!

My RL Address

I didn't think people would want to send me anything no matter how much exposure I got as a streamer, yet sure enough multiple people have not only asked me to get a PO Box but have found "other methods" of getting things to me so here you go!

PO Box Number 14682
370 Castle Shannon Blvd
Pittsburgh Pa 15234-9998

This is how my tenants pay their rent so I check monthly but if you send something and want me to keep an eye out let me know and I'll go pick it up. I don't expect or really desire anything, but here it is for those especially devoted fans and friends.