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New Player Tips Every Xbox Black Desert Player Should Know!

I've played 3 years and I'll be playing Xbox with you guys, these are the most important rapid fire tips for starting in Black Desert!

Best Grind Spots 1-55 Black Desert Xbox - Leveling Tutorial & Tips!

Find out how to level quickly and how to grind the fastest with this comprehensive guide! I've played 3 years now, grinded up 17 characters to L56, multiple L60-62s and can tell you these routes are the way to powerlevel.

Understanding Black Desert Armor Types: Gear Progression Guide + What Armor Set to Use

"What type of armor should I use in Black Desert!?" I hear that all the time, so here is an Armor Type | Gear Progression Guide for Black Desert Online & Xbox! What armor to use, what gear to get, what sets to equip, all broken up by class and game expansion advantage. Everything you'll need to know.